However, it will still be a while before we see newer USB devices. Focusrite makes some nice hardware Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Has VIA ever updated their drivers. Comment 18 Vic Ricker Grabbed entire 1h tapes end to end without a single frame lost. Few are PCI-x that are affordable.

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DA, the driver on the focusrite website for my Saffire Pro 24 is ver 3. However, the external appears to work, while the internal one does not.

Comment 28 Vic Ricker I have Firewire latency set to ‘Medium’ – ‘Short’ did not do as well for me.

Firewire VIA chipset and Windows 10 – BEWARE! | Cakewalk Forums

You are running running 3. Thus far, I don’t see vua its going inactive though. I haven’t tried to coerce fw-ohci into 1. Essentials Only Full Version.

Added fw-ohci device I am using it with an M-Audio interface. Indeed, dvgrab suddenly receives iso on my OHCI 1.


Asus P4P800-E Deluxe, Via VT6307 firewire chipset. Only 2 devices??

Anyone heard of any workarounds or fixes for this? I’m setting up a new system drive and thought I’d try win 10 as I was eligible for a freebie, although I had read bad stuff about driver support for older products.

I’m looking for people who have the vt6037 to comment, or someone who might know about these specific capabilities of the Via chip. Hmm, the controller could have mistaken two isochronous packets for one, or the camcorder could have wrongly sent two packets as one, I don’t know Grabbing performance was not consistent, though.

This also worked without problems – perfect video. Comment 9 Stefan Richter Comment 23 Robin Theander You are probably right about the thread title being misleading, although I’m worried there could be other issues with Win10 and VIA chipsets. No issues with Win 7 and 8.

Established connection over channel 63 send oops send oops send oops send oops “” 0. If you are unable to change the version, please add a comment here and someone will do it for you.


Asus P4PE Deluxe, Via VT firewire chipset. Only 2 devices?? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Nevermind my DAW is still on Win8. Comment 14 Stefan Richter The DAW is irrelevant, it’s the hardware it connects to. They will resolve this issue. Focusrite emailed me today saying situation is still ongoing and they will be emailing me when it is fixed. Comment 20 Jarod Wilson And I’ve had no issues with Win 7 and 8.

It’s Bass, not Bass. Wonder if Dan has any insight into what the two might be doing differently Great info in this thread. Start Windows 10 Log in.

Mon Jul 19, 8: