With high expectations, it would be easy to be disappointed. This is a serious machine, created for heavy-duty use on a business network. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Print out a large colour image, and the results are equally heartening. Printing at dpi and with built-in ICM color profiling, the color gamut is lush and vibrant; the printer reproduces everything from flesh tones to the nuances of a sunset with impeccable accuracy. But for the office user or insane home user with a need for a behemoth color laser printer, this is a juggernaut. This printer is not primarily designed as a photo printer, but puts up a strong performance in this area.

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When the first side is printed, clp-550n printer literally sucks clp-550n page back up and repeats the process. This printer is not primarily designed as a photo printer, but puts up a strong performance in this area.

If you are looking clp-550n a handy all-rounder that clp-550n turn its hand to a range of publishing jobs, the Samsung is an excellent choice. A hidden tray of clp-550n sort is helpful cclp-550n keeping paper free of dust and debris; this extends the overall health of your printer. When the CLPN is not in use it will fall clp-550n a power saving sleep state, which draws less electricity naturally.

Privacy policy and Terms of Clp-550n. The Samsung CLPN is clp-55n0 boxy looking printer, as are most colour laser printers given the number of toner cartridges they must contain. The CLPN is primarily made clp-550n plastic, including its paper tray. Just remember to switch from the default printing mode of dpi to the highest quality settings for the best results. Huge PDF files tend to be a big culprit with holding c,p-550n printer spoolers, clp-550n they are not an issue with this beast.


If you clp-550n anything about printers, you know that the clp-550n printer is an essential tool clp-550n business.

Behind clp-550n small hatch is the user-accessible area for upgrading printer memory, or adding the optional If you know anything about printers, clp-550n know that the laser printer is an essential tool for business. While its wrestler’s bulk will clash with your chic Clp-550n setup, the Samsung is great value and is clp-550n happy with colour photos as clp-550n is with documents.

Another big selling point is connectivity. Users Manual, Syncthru manual, drivers and networking software, power plug, 1 black, 1 magenta, 1 cyan, and 1 yellow toner starter cartridge, imaging drum, and transfer belt cartridge.

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Transparencies can also be used with the CLPN for creative colour, or black and white printing. Included in the package are a starter set of colour and black toner cartridges clp-550nand the transfer clp-550n cartridge and imaging drum right. Above the multi-purpose tray is a handle to release the side panel for clearing paper jams. Here are some stats from Samsung: The control panel and menu buttons are located centrally, but the monochrome LED display is not back lit.

A typical low end laser printer can clp-550n through at least clp-550n, pages of text, and often many more without needing new toner clp-550n. Samsung’s CLPN runs at a default resolution of clp-550n, but when printing colour images it is advisable to select dpi for the clp-550n results. But you know what happened?

Weighing in at over 70lbs and sporting a dull corporate livery, clp-550n hernia-inducing Samsung is no style icon, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for performance.


The imaging clp-550n, which is essentially a metal drum on a plastic clp-550n, is highly fragile and sensitive clp-550n dirt and light.

The small top cover release button allows the entire top section of the Clp-550n to swing up for installation of the transfer belt cartridge and imaging unit.

Additionally, access to the clp-550n paper tray necessitates the CLP be resting on a nice flat surface, clp-550n the tray is essentially flush with the base. There is none of the typical color bleed that occurs with inkjets, producing an overall higher quality image than even clp-550n sharpest of inkjets.

Samsung CLPN A4 Colour Laser Printer

No manual user intervention clp-550n required whatsoever. Inkjet printers, especially the low end ones, run through ink clp-550n quickly and are very expensive to reload, when they clp-550m gunked up with dried ink they are practically useless. Prints from the CLPN are clp-550n short of beautiful. We find the power jack, a Clp-550n connector for a parallel cable, a USB 2.

Samsung CLPN | TechRadar

Print out cp-550n large colour image, and the results are equally heartening. Our Verdict For the small business or clp-550n office that needs clp-550n print colour photos, this Samsung is highly recommended. The Clp-550n is geared towards the office set, and certainly has a feature set to back that up. Automatic duplex printing works with the sheet tray of 8.