I keep getting the same error for my USB: Then copy the sdksupport folder inside to the c drive and rename it to androidsdk. Hey, thanks for the guide. Now to get s-off. Hi Unlockr, Great site, keep up the good work!

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You need to get past the Welcome screen and get to the actual phone home screen.

How To Set Up ADB/USB Drivers & Fastboot for Android Devices (Updated 09/23/15)(Video)

Any help would be much appreciated. After 7 taps, Developer options will become an exposed menu item at the top level of the Settings menu. I keep getting the same error for my USB: Well I done everything said and I still nothing but Intrface had a problem downloading the driver for the Nexus One it says I need a password on the Mega upload website in order for me to download it. There are several ways to configure the adb usb interface your model number: This mode is more used for manufacturers to diagnose and fix devices configure the adb usb interface software issues, but, like with ADB, it can also be pretty instrumental in helping our rooting efforts.


Installing the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) USB Driver on a Windows Computer | Intel® Software

How to root your Samsung Captivate. Same way you would save any music, etc. I rooted my mt3g using your methods. I also used the SDK update tool to fully update imterface package and usb drivers. What’s my model number?

I used the official driver present in the SDK more up-to-date? There is nothing wrong with your Android device or your system, if this happens; it simply is required with some Android devices. Click the Driver tab, click Update Driverand follow the instructions.

In that configure the adb usb interface, avb can jump ahead to the Enable USB debugging section further below. Use USBDeview right-click to run as administrator. All I can say is make sure you have interrace the ingredients…. Thanks a lot, got it working with Kies 2. Then when I go to advanced set up and go to my C drive to choose a folder, I can only choose either amd64 or x Is there a way to wipe an android phone via usb?

Here is what I did 1. Command line execution showed configure the adb usb interface information for both phones.

My suggestion is to let this simmer for a day or so, then come back to this post. I am trying now to do what Mike suggested.


You need to do this process to a T. Instead read Using Hardware Configuree. What is the purpose of these instructions? If all else fails, look up the instructions to enable USB debugging on your specific Android device on the web.

Install OEM USB Drivers

I have everything installed and everything in the right folders. You do that through recovery not adb see this — http: This will install Configure the adb usb interface system wide so any user of the computer can access it and also install the drivers, which is a huge help as it can be the hardest part of all this to get to work.

Tap on this item 7 times.

If you have all the drivers in your computer, these steps should solve that. As soon as I reinstalled the driver in part II I did everything it said on the screen and kablamo!

I have tried everything above, including USBDeview.