It is set to off now Family emergency cancer unfortunatley.. I appreciate your time and patience Tony. With further work on this I’ve determined there are more service types that are not being recognized – so far I’ve found , and in use. I can tell you There is an htpc section at satfix that rocks because of programs like this

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The map Services Button is enable I Really think that is where my problem is lying.

[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Updated GenPix USB driver

Is there anyway to be able to put in some code to Slow the tuner down so it sits on each transponder. Hello there, I am doing them one at a time and it is making it through the scan no problem I wrote the muxes to disk and low and behold there are the service id’s and channel info however when i go to map services it says genpix probe started but thats it Libux in mediaportal when you are scanning if you have the scan time turned down low it will give you unknown channels Thanks so much for Listening To get your channels mapped to sid, I wrote a patch that will do that — check the ‘features’ under developer section and search for it, or I can always send it to you.

Recent Drivers  LR 6607 DRIVER

One of the problems is i am getting the proper mux but it is listing it as other I start the web service probe and nothing happens it will not map the services to channels Using Legacy Lnb’s with a Dp34 switch Thanks for the insight and the help bro its Appreciated Can you submit this as a feature request and I’ll try and get someone to look into it.

Sorry for the questions I got this far and i don’t want to give up on it Do you need more info?? I did that because I heard about the character set being a possible issue. I’ve been throwing in some tvhlog commands to try and decipher and understand where the flow is stopping but Kinux haven’t got there yet.

So i sat there and mapped each and every channel. It does – and will do that.

Hey bro, Thank you very much. When i hit Map services it says Jul 22 Could i have a permission wrong and that is why it is not reading the muxes????

Hey Guys, Well this is Enlighting I have a few ideas about that but haven’t had time the last few days to look at anything. Gnepix too wanted my channel numbers to be the same as the SID, however, not everyone wants this — sids are not the same as channel numbers anywhere else so the discussion is to add it as a checkbox on the configuration page — I guess I have to write the patch and then upload it to see if it gets merged in.


How do other linux tools present the data?

Dvbs Setup with Genpix Tuner getting services but will not Map Channels – Tvheadend

Family emergency cancer unfortunatley. I got unknown channels in mediaportal and lonux the tuning time to 30 and the svt to 90 that solved that problem.

You guys are great and I appreciate everything that has been done I linuxx rusty in linux How many muxes are still awaiting the initial scan? Its all there it just won’t map it Added by tony nunya over 6 years ago Hello all, Well I bit the bullet and wanted to try tvheadend in linux since i have mediaportal in windows working properly.

Hi, I am not sure if i understand the problem correctly, some questions: Forgive my noobish ways i am sorry for not giving all the information. It will not Pick up the channel name or channel I have entered a few manually no problem But I really do not wish to enter them one by one I am a genpic over at satfix. Does anyone know of a way I can output the sdt portion of the stream?