I built one more test kernel, from the latest upstream git tree[0]. This kernel can be downloaded from: Hi, additional i did a few “system” upgrades too. This issue was discussed upstream[0], but a permanent fix has not been implemented as of yet. The kernel I tried was downloaded from your link Joseph, not from ppa.

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Can you gimme some infos that our work wasnt helpless?

Support for Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XT2

We can then use these two kernel versions to perform a bisect to identify the inyel commit that introduced this bug. Can you now try v3. Changed in linux Ubuntu Saucy: Joseph, I haven’t problem installing those kernels, the issue is none of these boots.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. I will build the next test kernel based on your test results.

Plz post this infos and ill try do this weekend! Maybe i have a server that still has the problem. Download full text 3. I will try do this weekend.


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We just need to narrow down the versions a little more. Ill determine this and send you appropriate data from working and non working server. Thanks for testing, Fernando. The test kernel can be downloaded from: Preparing to replace linux-image- 3.

Downloads for Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520 Series

Can you test these early Quantal kernels:. Was or is it simply accident or fortune that we had this issue?

This issue jntel discussed upstream[0], but a permanent fix has not been implemented as of yet. I don’t know how to debug why kernels doesn’t boot, if you give me some tips I can give it a try. Upstream has requested some additional data to help resolve this issue[0].

The patch author will submit his patch and cc stable: If you also have a dell try to upgrade the firmware.

Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520-T2

Same error than before ixgbe: Thanks for the update, Fernando. Hi Joseph tank btw so far for ur help uname -a Linux production01 3. We should look at your other issue that prevents newer kernels from booting, since this patch from upstream will land in mainline first and may not end up in the 3. Thanks, -Don” If the server boot with kernel x250-t2.


Hi did you find out to solve your problem?

Changed in linux Ubuntu: Can you confirm that 3. Can you download the following kernels and see if they also exhibit the bug:.

Thank you in advance Thomas uname -a Linux production01 3. Hi Joseph Tried suggested kernels, but both hangs on: Could you give 3. That pretty much leaves us with ioremap returning an error.

Can you test the following kernel:.