Remove the jammed original. Basic Operation The copy exposure can be adjusted either automatically or manually. Push the cassette back in securely. Optional Document Processor Remove all of the originals from the document feed tray. The jam indications will disappear. Use the cleaning cloth supplied to clean paper dust and dirt accumulated on the metal registration roller A inside the Basic Operation Zoom Copies It is possible to change the zoom ratio in order to make copies of an enlarged or reduced size.

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The recipients address can be entered from an internal address book, external address book LDAP or using a one-touch key. This type of situation presents a danger of personal injury utax cd 1018 damage to the machine. Pull out the MP tray extension and then flip it open.

Message Procedure Reference Add paper to paper source. Add paper to the paper source; page Casset.

Utax 370QBOKX, Toner Cartridge Black, CD 1018, 1315- Original

Mode Description Standard Zoom Copies can be made at one of the fixed zoom ratios. Utax cd 1018 you have completed entering the address, press Enter. Open and then close the top cover. Maintenance Shake the new toner container horizontally 5 or 6 times to distributed the toner inside.


Waiting for the redirectiron

Message Display Machine Parts Message Display The utax cd 1018 examples explain the messages and icons used on the message display. No liability is assumed for any damage caused by improper installation.

Loading Paper – contains explanations on utax cd 1018 paper and attaching the Face-up Tray. Optional Document Processor Troubleshooting Close the rear cover. Align the knob on the left side of the container with the groove in the process unit and insert it.

If a paper jam occurs in the optional paper feeder, the procedure is the same as for the cassette. Open the original cover and wipe the platen and utax cd 1018 original cover, utxx shown in the illustration.

Cross Reference Tool

Up to can be entered. Originals Copies Press Copy. For safety purposes, always remove the power cord from the outlet when performing cleaning. Don’t show me this message again. Troubleshooting Cassette Pull utax cd 1018 the cassette that is in use.

Toner cartridge for Utax CD

Troubleshooting 10188 the rear cover. Adjust the paper width guides to fit the width of the paper. Basic Operation – explains how to make simple copies and prints and how to scan originals. Installing the Printer Driver To use the printer function, the printer driver must be installed.


For example, a pdf attachment named doc Keep it close utax cd 1018 the machine for easy reference. If the charger cleaner is not properly restored a black band will appear on copies. Basic Operation Place the original utac the platen utax cd 1018 press Start.

You can optionally download messages in other languages. For details, refer to the Advanced Operation Guide.

Do not stand the process unit on end and never expose the drum to normal lighting for more than five minutes. Accessing Menu Items Preparations Accessing Menu Utax cd 1018 When you configure the machine, you do so by accessing a menu item and making your setting from utax cd 1018. This situation presents a danger of fire or electrical shock should they fall inside.

Job Press right Select to cancel the copying procedure. Leave the power switch on and to urax the jammed paper refer to MP Tray utax cd 1018 Inside Machine on page