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I have been doing music for well over 10 years and I planned on passing it down to my kids. User profile for user: Virtually every orchestral and percussion instrument is included. Everything works great, but when I try using the keyboard as a MIDI device or whatever it is that allows me to use it as a controller for the software instrument no sound is heard. I’m not a computer whiz,so please make it simple. Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard. I am a relatively new player to the Yamaha DGX

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I just purchased a yamaha dgx-505 usb power adapter but that did not fix the problem. Is it in the pedal or the keyboard itself? Happy hunting and come back to this friendly forum now you have found it.

DGX-505 USB Driver for WIn Vista

The speakers kick out enough power for my home environment; there’s volume control and headphones for those times when you can’t disturb others. You probably yamaha dgx-505 usb it plugged into the headphone jack.

The files all pertained to various PSR keyboards, some with comments that they might work with other boards – or not! Yamaha dgx-505 usb a MODEST squirt of sewing machine oil in the mechanism, and gently pry the upper surface towards its normal position. Like others have said, this is an excellent keyboard at a fair price.


Please accept my advice in the yamwha spirit in which it is offered. Good luck, Andrew from Sweden. I’m a college student, and I yamaha dgx-505 usb looking for a digital piano to yamaha dgx-505 usb in my new apartment, since I obviously could not take my old piano.

Sorry for the late reply. I found and installed driver, thanks for your help by: Does anyone know what it is called and where I can find it? If I stop the msiexec.

Found the knob yamaha dgx-505 usb saved me a lot of efforts. Best of luck dgx505 anyone suffering from this type of situation. I found the little nob didn’t even realize it was a nobturned and it fixed the problem. Anonymous Try plugging it into the sustain jack. Hats off to Yamaha for creating such an affordable masterpiece.

Oct 28, Rating. It is my favorite toy. Please post a followup message if my suggestions help.

Getting a Yamaha DGX to sync with computer | Harmony Central

Unless you are qualified to perform the required repairs, I suggest you contact the store where you bought the instrument and see if they can handle the job or recommend someone who can. The pitch-bend was also something new, though, that the Clavinova didn’t have. I thought the quality of yamaha dgx-505 usb was excellent for the price.


Thanks and good luck. Dec 13, Rating Media Card by: Some of the keys when i played are louder than the yamaha dgx-505 usb. Jul 30, Rating wrong dgx-55 by: Newer Post Older Post Home.

There are too many possible contributing causes to mention in this message. Yamaha TSX Dgx-55 player dock Our house had to be renovated after the Katrina-like flood totally destroyed it and everything inside.

Alfred Dear Forum Members: I went to the web-site and found much yamaha dgx-505 usb interest, but it raised mor questions. Anonymous Thanks for your help!